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I’m announcing my candidacy for Amy Poehler’s number one fan.

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2014 MTV Video Music Awards: Best Choreography » Chandelier: Directed by Sia & Daniel Askill featuring Maddie Ziegler. Choreography by Ryan Heffington.

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In the end, Teen Wolf is a show that has a confusing canon, not enough character development, new characters that don’t serve any purpose, no LGBT representation, a fanbase that’s too smart for the show, and TPTB that want to act as if everything is awesome.

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my cousin said captain america is useless and it was four in the morning and i was so tired but that did not stop me from giving like an hour speech on how amazing steve rogers is


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Instead of asking who our top 5 favourites amis are or asking to place them in order from our favourite to our least, we should ask each other things like:

  1. Amis in order of who as the best fashion sense to who has the worst
  2. Top 5 cooks within Les Amis
  3. Who sings the better to who sings the worst
  4. Who remembers every single thing and who forgets their own birthday
  5. Shortest to tallest, oldest to youngest
  6. Who drinks the most coffee to who drinks the least, etc.

(you should totally do it btw)

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is there a month between april and june? 

may be

you can’t answer your own jokes

“why did the chicken cross the road?” “why” “sorry cant answer my own jokes ur gonna have to find the solution yourself”

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i'm fine.
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"oh wait easily because look there you are

truth field. cant lie. you suck clara.”

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…and I always will be.

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