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The dismissal of Ser Barristan remains one of the most upsetting things on the show imo.

It is not okay that I cry every single time Catelyn and Robb have a scene together.

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oh my fucking god

huge fucking trigger warning but oh my god

shots. fucking. fired.

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Yeah I get that you always wanted to be a ranger Jon but Sam is 10000% right in this situation.

Every time Daenerys does something awesome I feel like I need to do some celebratory breakdancing or something.

"You WILL drink."
[does the worm]

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I feel like I like Varys? I don’t trust him but I also don’t think he’s evil. Hmmm.

I remember when Charles Dance was on Was It Something I Said he talked about how he actually butchered/gutted/skinned that deer in the scene. They brought in a deers body for it and taught Charles how to do it and they had to film the scene with very few takes because they only had the one deer. Anyhow. Continuing to watch.

[dances to the sound of dying cowardly shithead men]

If there isn’t a fanvideo to Boss Ass Bitch that is just a compilation of the women of Game Of Thrones yet then I am disappointed in the internet.

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God bless the little curls that fall into Kit Harrington’s eyes.

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To Sansa: “Nobody could ever hate you.”

[forced laughter]

It’s okay bby ilu

It’s unfortunate that Viserys is a literal pile of refuse because he’s is so fucking attractive.

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I want Danaerys’ (sp?) life. Actually no. Not her whole life. Just her life after she marries Drogo. Idk I just love her.


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Robb Stark living the hot lord life. Damn son I’d climb you like a castle wall.